The Amaldi Medals

Edoardo Amaldi

Edoardo Amaldi (1908-1989)

At this time that is so delicate and yet so exciting for Europe (2004), The SIGRAV Board deems it appropriate to start offering a Scientific Prize named after a great Italian scientist who was also a great European citizen and played a key role in Fermi’s research group in Rome and, later, in the creation of INFN, CERN and ESA.


European Prize for Gravitational Physics “Edoardo Amaldi”

The Prize, consisting in a gold medal valued about 10KEuro (whenever the Prize is not shared), is reserved to scientists who carry out their activity in Europe and have given important contributions to the Physics of Gravitation. The Prize will be awarded every two years, following the indications of the SIGRAV Board, during the SIGRAV National Conferences.

The Italian Society of General Relativity and Gravitation values the scientific and financial support of Institutions that will be willing to contribute to this initiative.

Amaldi Medals were awarded to

Roger Penrose : personal web page

Roger Penrose


University of Oxford, UK

Bernard Schutz : personal web page

Bernard Schutz


Albert Einstein Institute

Sergio Ferrara : personal web page

Sergio Ferrara


CERN, Geneva, Switzerland

Thibault Damour : personal web page

Thibault Damour


IHES, Bures-sur-Yvette, France

Viatcheslav Mukhanov : personal web page

Viatcheslav Mukhanov


LMU, Munich, Germany

Alexei Starobinsky : personal web page

Alexei Starobinsky


Landau Institute, Moscow, Russia

Nazareno Mandolesi : personal web page

Nazareno Mandolesi


Sergei Odintsov : personal web page

Sergei Odintsov


ICREA and ICE (CSIC), Barcelona, Spain

Regulations concerning the Amaldi Medal

The “Amaldi Medal”, European Prize for Gravitational Physics, is awarded every two years by the Italian Society of General Relativity and Gravitation to a European scientist who has given contributions of high relevance to General Relativity and Gravitational Physics.

“European Scientist” identifies in this context a scientist whose scientific activity has unfolded with continuity within the geographical territory of Europe in a wide sense.

The selected candidates are proposed for approval to the Board by a Committee of five members that includes the SIGRAV President and is appointed by the SIGRAV President following a proposal by the Board.

The Committee selects the candidates among scientists who have received well-motivated written nominations. The Committee encourages external nominations, and/or external indications on the nominations that are received, before deciding. The Committee can convene or discuss and decide via email.

The Committee takes into account the entire scientific career of the candidates and also geographic and thematic considerations, insofar as this does not conflict with the scientific quality of the Prize.

One of the Committee members is appointed by the SIGRAV President to act as Coordinator. The Coordinator collects the nominations, maintains the contacts with the Society and sets the time schedule of the process.

The Amaldi Medal is awarded during the National Conferences, and is accompanied by a Diploma.

The actual award reception is subject to the participation in the corresponding National Conference.

Nominations are collected during the year preceding every National Conference and the SIGRAV President announces the winners four months before the Conference.

The Board reconsiders periodically the structure of the Prizes (typically every four years) in order to take into account possible modifications suggested by the previous experience, and updates the Committee before every new edition.