The SIGRAV Schools

The SIGRAV Schools are addressed to Ph.D. students and young Researchers in Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics who are interested in widening their knowledge in the fields of Classical and Quantum Gravity, Astrophysics and Relativistic Cosmology, and Experimental Gravity.

The Schools are meant to provide an introduction to current problems, stressing their importance and their potential scientific impact on forthcoming research. The lecturers are expected to discuss fundamental aspects of theoretical, observational and experimental research, with special attention to the latest significant results in the fields of interest.


  • Physics of Black Holes, Villa Olmo, Como, April 20-24, 1998. Proceedings: Classical and Quantum Black Holes (Eds. P. Fré, V. Gorini, G. Magli, U. Moschella, 1999)
  • Gravitational Waves in Astrophysics, Cosmology and String Theory, Villa Olmo, Como, April 19-24, 1999. Proceedings: Gravitational Waves (Eds. I. Ciufolini, V. Gorini, U. Moschella, P. Fré, 2001)
  • Relativistic Cosmology: Theory and Observation, Villa Olmo, Como, May 8-13, 2000. Proceedings: Modern Cosmology  (Eds. S.Bonometto, V.Gorini, U. Moschella, 2002)
  • Geometry and Physics of Branes, Villa Olmo, Como, May 7-11, 2001. Proceedings: Geometry and Physics of Branes (Eds. U.Bruzzo, V. Gorini, U. Moschella, 2003)
  • Joint Evolution of Black Holes and Galaxies, Villa Olmo, Como, May 5-10, 2003
  • A Century from Einstein Relativity: probing gravity theories in binary systems, Villa Olmo, Como, May 17-21, 2005
  • The Dark Side of the Universe (Villa Olmo, Como, 2007)
  • Gravity: where do we stand (Villa Olmo, Como, 2009)
  • Analogue gravity (Villa Olmo, Como, 2011)
  • Astrophysical Black Holes (Villa Olmo, Como, 2012)
  • Gravity and the Quantum (Villa Olmo, Como, 2014)

Villa Mondragone

  • From the Hubble length to the Planck length, Villa Mondragone (Monte Porzio Catone, Roma) September 6-10, 2002
  • Looking for a Needle in a Haystack (how to extract a gravitational wave signal from detector data), Villa Mondragone (Monte Porzio Catone, Roma) September 7-10, 2004