XXI Conferenza SIGRAV Relatività Generale e Fisica della Gravitazione

Alessandria, Dipartimento di Scienze e Innovazione Tecnologica,

Università del Piemonte Orientale, Settembre 15-19, 2014

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Nazzareno Mandolesi (UNIFE):  Cosmology from Planck

Sergei Odintsov (ICE): The universe evolution history from modified gravity: the unification of inflation with dark energy.



Simone Giombi:  Higher spin gravity and holography

Michele Liguori:  CMB constraints on Modified Gravity

Giovanni Marozzi:  Non-linear effects in cosmology

Giulia Pagliaroli:  Neutrinos as a probe of Supernova physics and as a trigger for GW search


Enrico Barausse  (Institut d’Astrophysique de Paris) Compact objects as probes of astrophysics, gravity and fundamental physics

Marica Branchesi (UNIURB) Multi-messenger Astronomy with Gravitational Waves and Electromagnetic Radiation

Eugenio Coccia (UNIROMA2) Only a few years before the detection of gravitational waves.

Monica Colpi (UNIMIB) The Gravitational Universe

Sergio Ferrara (CERN) The simplest supergravity embedding of Starobinsky and Chaotic Inflation

Nicolao Fornengo (UNITO) Shedding light to the darkness: status of particle dark matter signals

Pietro Frè (UNITO) Inflaton potentials in supergravity: n=1 and n=2 a General overview.

Marco Genovese (INRIM) Testing quantum gravity on an Optical bench

Bruno Giacomazzo (UNITN) General Relativistic Simulations of Binary Neutron Stars: Gravitational Waves and Gamma-Ray Bursts

Leonardo Gualtieri (UNIROMA1) Oscillations of stars and black holes in the eve of the advanced gravitational wave detectors.

Gaetano Lambiase  (UNISA) Leptogenesis in alternative cosmologies – f(R ) gravity

Barbara Lanzoni (UNIBO) Searching for intermediate-mass black holes in globular clusters

Mario Lattanzi (OATO) Astrometric Cosmology in the Era of Gaia

Fedele Lizzi (UNINA) Quantum spacetime and noncomutative geometry

Giovanni Losurdo  (INFN-FI) Advanced Virgo and the worldwide search for gravitational waves

Giulio Magli (POLIMI) The final state of spherically symmetric perfect fluids’ collapse: new insights

Claudia Maraston (ICG-Portsmouth, UK) The effect of modified gravity on galaxy models

Alessandro Nagar (IHES) The effective-one-body (EOB) modelling of coalescing compact binaries

Maria Alessandra Papa (MPI Golm,DE) Searching for continuous gravitational waves

Nicola Pinamonti (UNIGE) Quantum field theory on curved spacetime and semiclassical Einstein equations

Andrea Possenti (OAC-INAF) Searching Gravitational Waves in the nanoHz band: the role of SRT in the Pulsar Timing Array(s)

Giulia Ricciardi (UNINA) Reviews on semileptonic B decays

Paolo Salucci (SISSA) Dark matter without matter.

Alessandra Silvestri (SISSA) Testing general relativity on cosmological scales

Gabriele Veneziano (Collège de France, Paris) Aspects of high-energy gravitational scattering

Francesco Vissani (GSSI) Neutrino Astronomy


Alfio Bonanno

Compatibility of Planck and BICEP2 in asymptotically safe inflation

Enzo Branchini

Cosmic structure evolution as a test to Einstein’s gravity theory: an observational perspective

Stefano Camera

Gravity on the Largest Cosmic Scales with Forthcoming Experiments

Martina Delaurentis

The generation and application of squeezed light for high sensitivity optical experiments

Luciano Di Fiore

The space antennas for the detection and study of gravitational waves

Giampiero Esposito

Self-dual road to non-commutative gravity with twist: a new perspective

Franco Frasconi

The status of gravitational wave research with long baseline interferometric detectors

Dragan Hajdukovich

The basis for a new model of the Universe

Luigi Piro

The Hot and Energetic Universe: from present to future with the ATHENA mission

Nicola Poli

The atomic interferometry for the detection of the gravitational waves

Matteo Luca Ruggiero

GINGER and tests of fundamental gravity

Alessandro  Spallicci

Self-force driven motion in curved spacetime and orbital evolution

Alessandro Tronconi

Signatures of quantum gravity in a Born-Oppenheimer context

Francesca Vidotto

Planck stars